Our Story

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Our Vision ♥︎

Inspiring and uplifting your wellbeing is our driving force. Because, we understand that; when you feel good, you do good. When you smile, you make others smile. And when you radiate goodness and happiness, you help awaken that light in others. 

And just like that, like a golden ripple, one being at a time, we, together, will shine our way towards a beautiful collective evolution on Earth.

And so, our vision is for our passionately handcrafted products to help elevate and evolve you, and in turn, the world, in endless beautiful ways.

We are all a piece of the great cosmic puzzle, delicately inter-connected. There cannot be a global healing without a personal healing.
It all begins with the individual,
it all begins within...

Our Passion

♥︎ Living goodness - all of our products are bubbling with living probiotics and goodness to support gut health and overall wellbeing.

♥︎ Authenticity - No short cuts when it comes to processes or ingredients. We use only high quality raw natural ingredients and always follow authentic methods.

♥︎ Quality - We are passionate about creating products that are as abundant in deliciousness as they are in goodness.

♥︎ Innovation - we strive to offer an exciting range of products that are unique and evolutionary, having a positive impact on people while minimising our impact on the environment.

Our Home

All our products are passionately handcrafted at our beautiful production home in the Cape Winelands, South Africa, where we are blessed with mineral water and a truly peaceful and happy environment.

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Founded From Love, For Love

Happy Culture was born in Cape Town in 2017 when we fused our passion for health, happiness and bubbles.

Our wish: for our products to spread happiness far and wide, and contribute towards the evolution of the human specie to a higher vibration, a world of peace, love and connectedness.

We are honoured to share the wonders of living foods and gut health with you. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a continuously evolving, ‘happy culture’.

♥︎ Mark & Manon