Happy Culture

Ginger Lemon Kombucha BOX


Live & Sparkling Kombucha
infused with cold pressed ginger and lemon zest


Contains Medically recognised probiotics 

 Naturally SPARKLING


📦 12 x 330ml | 12 x 850ml
🚚  Delivery within 1 -5 working days


Ginger Lemon Kombucha

Live & Sparkling Kombucha, infused with cold pressed ginger and lemon zest 🍋✨

📦 Box of 12 x 330ml or  Box of 12 x 850ml

✅ Authentically crafted with ORGANIC GREEN TEA, mineral water and quality ingredients


✅ LIVING tea (not pasteurised)

✅ Contains Medically recognised probiotics **

✅ Naturally SPARKLING


* All sugars are fermented out during the fermentation
**Bifidobacterium Lactis and Lactobacillus Dophilus

🌞 Brewmaster’s Notes

This classic combo is our most popular blend. The fiery ginger and zesty lemon infusions complement the yeasty depths of the ferment, to create this refreshing, vigorous and uplifting drink.

🌞 Optimal Happiness

The perfect kick-starter to awaken and boost your energy. Particularly great to enjoy with asian food, and anytime you need a little help to keep your fire burning.

🌞 Ingredients

Live Kombucha (mineral water, organic green tea, starter cultures, Kalahari desert salts, raw brown sugar), probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus Dophilus), cold Pressed Ginger (1,5%), Lemon juice (0,5%) (from concentrate), sorbitol, turmeric, lemon essential oil (trace), flavour. *SUGARS ELIMINATED DUE TO FERMENTATION PROCESS


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a sparkling probiotic drink, crafted through the fermentation of sweet tea. Kombucha is loved for is deliciously refreshing, bubbly and health-boosting qualities. It can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere as an invigorating, refreshing and celebratory treat.

How is Happy Culture Kombucha made ?

Sweet tea and a live culture are blended together in a vessel, and left to ferment together for +/- 3 weeks. The fermentation alchemy transforms the sweet tea into a living, cultured drink, filled with a range of beneficial properties.

At Happy Culture, we believe high quality and natural ingredients are essential for making high quality kombucha. We use organic green tea, quality mineral water and raw brown sugar as our base, and ensure our cultures are as healthy – and happy – as possible. All sugars are consumed during the fermentation and the end product is totally SUGAR FREE.

Natural juices and extracts are then added to the base ferment, to create an exciting rainbow of flavour infusions. The bubbles are naturally formed through an in-bottle, second fermentation process.

Our kombucha range is handcrafted at our production home in the Cape Winelands through authentic age-old fermentation methods, perfected by modern science and technology. We have proudly mastered the wondrous art of making delicious, quality kombucha – creating brews which are as good to your taste buds as they are to your body.

Why drink Happy Culture Kombucha ?

Our bubbly brews are filled with a whole world of living goodness and delicious sensations to uplift your wellbeing.

Health benefits present in each sip of Happy Culture kombucha include gut-friendly cultures (probiotics), beneficial organic acids, digestive enzymes, electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – working together to:

    • Improve digestion and gut health
    • Boost immunity and vitality
    • Balance and detoxify the body


The Happy Culture kombucha range comes in a rainbow of delicious infusions, with options to suit any mood, moment or personality.

Available in recyclable tins and in PET bottles (330ml & 850ml).

How does Happy Culture Kombucha taste ?

Kombucha offers a unique, intriguing and exciting flavour profile. Happy Culture Kombucha is known for its signature fresh, clean, beautifully balanced, and dry style.  We also pride ourselves for the art of the ‘perfect bubble’, offering a lively, elegant  effervescence.

In a nut shell, we love to describe the taste of our kombucha as ‘somewhere between iced tea and champagne’, with each infusion offering a unique and delicious expression of flavour and aromatic sensations.


♻︎ 100% Recyclable PET Bottle. Please recycle.

More questions ? Check our our FAQ page here 🙂

Handcrafted with Passion & Good Vibrations in the Cape Winelands ♥︎

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

12 x 330ml BOX, 12 x 850ml BOX

Nutritional Information

Energy (Kj)2686
Protein (g)0.10,3
Carbohydrates (g)00
(of which total sugars (g))00
Total Fat (g)00
(of which saturated fats (g))00
Dietary Fibre (g)00
Sodium (mg)1343

6 reviews for Ginger Lemon Kombucha BOX

  1. Michael Weeden

    This kombucha is my absolute favourite ! Such a nice ginger flavour (I love that they use cold pressed ginger) and I also really like that is not too sweet. Such a nice option to keep in the fridge for a healthy and delicious energy boost when you need it. Highly recommend this one !

  2. Cindelee V

    I absolutely love this kombucha . At first it was a strange taste but now i am addicted to the refreshing  taste on a hot summer day. My most favorite part of it all is the unique inspirational quotes on the bottle. I strongly recommend to try this local brand out ❤️

  3. David Swingler (verified owner)

    A winner on all fronts. It’s probiotic and counters the GIT side-effects of other necessary medication. It’s low in kJ with no discernible sugar. It tastes crisply dry and the citrus seam is refreshing. It doesn’t have the skunky, feral flavours of so many herbaceous competitors. It’s good value for money direct from the online shop with quick delivery, free at a low spend threshold. I mix it 50:50 with soda for a cracking drink. Perhaps I should add a tot of gin at sunset?!

  4. Jolee-Ann

    It was love at first sip! My sister told me about your product and I never really took the time to get it until she literally took me to the shop and bought me a bottle. I loved it!!! This will also make a beautiful pregnancy drink♡ Thank you for sharing happiness in a bottle with me.

  5. Jolee-Ann

    It was love at first sip! My sister told me about your product and I never really took the time to get it until she literally took me to the shop and bought me a bottle. I loved it!!! This will also make a beautiful pregnancy drink. Thank you for sharing happiness in a bottle with me.

  6. Mimi Vermeulen (verified owner)

    Happy culture Lemon and Ginger was my Kombucha First Love. It is refreshing and is a big treat to have especially with a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle.
    Delicious 5 star soft drink with lots of health benefits. I love all the other flavours too 🤩😍

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