Pineapple Lime Kombucha BOX


Live & Sparkling Kombucha
infused with pineapple and lime juice

RAW & REAL – contains living cultures

DELICIOUSLY DRY – Low residual sugar (2,2g / 100ml)

Handcrafted with organic green tea & mineral water

12 x 340ml – R300 | 12 x 850ml – R600

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Pineapple Lime Kombucha 

Live & Sparkling Kombucha naturally infused with pineapple and lime juice
Box of 12 x 340ml or  Box of 12 x 850ml

Brewmaster’s Notes

Bursting with freshness and exotic flavour sensations, this blend offers a dreamy tropical twist to the Happy Culture signature style.

Optimal Happiness

Let this blend take you on a journey to the tropics and bring sunshine to your day. Amazing palate cleanser to enjoy with your favourite foods.


Raw Kombucha (mineral water, organic green Tea, starter cultures, Kalahari desert salts, residual raw brown sugar), pineapple juice**(1,8%), lime juice **(0,44%), lime*(trace), pineapple flavour, , safflower extract. **from concentrate *essential oil


RAW & REAL (unpasteurised, contains living cultures)

DELICIOUSLY DRY – Low residual sugar (2,2g /100ml)


Naturally sparkling


What is Kombucha and what are the benefits?

Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea drink crafted through a process of wondrous alchemy. A base of sweetened tea is combined with a live culture, which overtime works its magic to transform the tea into a tangy, cultured drink, filled with living goodness to support wellbeing.

Health benefits present in each bottle of Happy Culture kombucha include gut-friendly cultures, beneficial organic acids, digestive enzymes, electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – working together to:

    • Improve digestion and gut health
    • Boost immunity and vitality
    • Balance and detoxify the body

Happy Culture Kombucha style – how does it taste ?

Kombucha offers a unique, intriguing and exciting flavour profile, with its tarty, tangy-sweet, yeasty characteristics and lively effervescence. Though the flavour sensations can be unusual at first, kombucha is incredibly delicious if made to perfection and most people grow to love it greatly for its delicious, refreshing, invigorating and health boosting properties.

Happy Culture Kombucha is known for its signature fresh, clean, beautifully balanced, and dry style.  We also pride ourselves for the art of the ‘perfect bubble’, offering delicate, but exciting effervescence (naturally created in a second fermentation process). In a nut shell, we love to describe the taste of our kombucha as ‘somewhere between iced tea and champagne’, with each infusion offering a unique and delicious expression of flavour and aromatic sensations.


100% Recyclable PET Bottle. Please recycle ♻︎

Please note: Our products contain living cultures and must therefore remain refrigerated at all times to avoid further fermentation. Please store in a fridge at all times.

More questions ? Check our our FAQ page here 🙂

Handcrafted with Passion & Good Vibrations in the Cape Winelands ♥︎


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12 x 340ml BOX, 12 x 850ml BOX


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