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The Happy Culture production home is located in the heart of the beautiful Cape Winelands. With mountains surrounding us, fresh air in abundance and a source of delicious mineral water, this home offers a truly happy environment for the creation of our products.

Passion & Precision

We are passionate about crafting products of top quality, using the best natural ingredients and authentic processes, optimised by a scientific approach and modern technology.

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Good Vibrations ♥︎

A whole lot of love and good vibes are present in our products. 432Hz Reiki healing music plays to our cultures 24 hours a day, while salt lamps work to further purify the air, creating a perfect environment for our cultures to thrive and become what we love to call ‘Happy Cultures’.

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The Happy Culture production home is FSA certified and we are committed to working in  line with all relevant regulations relating to food safety. product, production and company.

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Happy Family

… and of course, an epic team to bring it all together

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