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Inspiring a Beautiful Evolution

Happy Culture was born with a purpose to elevate the lives of those who enjoy its wonders, and in turn, inspiring a beautiful evolution on earth.

May our offerings spread happiness far and wide, and may they empower, uplift and inspire you, to live, dream and shine more.


Live & Sparkling Kombucha

These delicious fizzy living teas are bubbling with gut-loving probiotics, and an abundance of health beneficial properties to uplift one’s wellbeing.

Handcrafted using authentic methods, mineral ground water, organic green tea and the best natural ingredients.

Kombucha Cans

Inside these beautiful cans you will find the same delicious, vibrant and health-boosting refreshment of our original live & fizzy green tea kombucha, but with each unique blend offering a special innovative twist.

Enjoy the goodness while you savour in the sparkling, invigorating sensations of these living ferments.

Discover Kombucha

Kombucha is a naturally fizzy living drink crafted through the unique fermentation of brewed tea.

Loved for its many health boosting properties- including probiotics, organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and digestive enzymes- this ancient Eastern alchemy has been passed down through the centuries.

Water Kefir

Happy Culture Water Kefir is a delicately fermented, lightly infused probiotic sparkling water. With an elegant dry, light and beautiful balanced style, this zero-sugar refreshment is here to deliciously invigorate those who enjoy its wonders.

Happy Culture Kombucha_Capture_050

Discover Gut Health

Happy Gut > Happy You

Good health starts with the gut. The gut influences our mood, emotions, immune system, and long-term health.

Learn about the importance of gut health, and how our products can support yours.

Discover Our Home

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Cape Winelands, our production home offers a perfect environment for our cultures to thrive and become what we love to call, “happy cultures”… It is here that all Happy Culture products are handcrafted with passion, precision and good vibrations ♥︎

HappyCulture 777x

It is an honour to share the wonders of living foods and gut health with you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a continuously evolving ‘happy culture’

Mark & Manon

Recycling [R]evolution

Happy Culture deeply loves and cares for Mother Earth. In order to spread our goodness with you far and wide, packaging is both a wonderful solution and unfortunate necessity - we therefore strive to continuously find new ways to  optimise the sustainability of our packaging needs.

Find out more about our packaging and how we can work together to minimise our impact on the environment.