Live & Sparkling Water Kefir



What is Happy Culture Water Kefir ?


Happy Culture Water Kefir is a delicately fermented, lightly infused probiotic sparkling water, bubbling with life and delicious hydration. Unlike kombucha which is tea based, our Water Kefir is made using a base of mineral water and apple juice, alchemically combined together through the wondrous art of fermentation, and resulting in a zero-sugar refreshment ready to invigorate those who enjoy its wonders.


The style is dry, light, subtle and slightly fruity with a naturally occurring elegant effervescence, and an exciting selection of beautiful infusions to chose from.


Each bottle contains a generous dose of the medically recognised probiotics Bifidobacterium Lactis and Lactobacillus Dophilus to support gut health and sprinkle of Vitamin B12  to further boost optimal wellbeing.


 0% Sugar

Medically recognised probiotics

With added Vitamin B12

With Mineral Water

Naturally Caffeine free