Rooibos Chai

Live & Fizzy Green Tea Kombucha
naturally infused with rooibos chai tea

Brewmaster's Notes

The Rooibos, with its natural sweetness, offers a beautiful softness to round off the exotic spice of the Chai, resulting in a delicious, complex and curiously tangy blend. Our proudly local take on the the popular Eastern spiced tea infusion.

Optimal Happiness

A sensational beverage to enjoy on its own. Offering an exciting, refreshing and invigorating substitute to traditional teas.

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Raw Kombucha (mineral water, organic green tea, starter cultures, Kalahari desert salts, residual raw brown sugar), Rooibos Tea (0,35%), Chai tea (Cinnamon, Cardamon, Cloves) (0,5%)

 100mlPer Serving (340ml)
Energy (Kj)< 63 < 214,2
Protein (g)0.51.7
Carbohydrates (g)< 4< 13,6
(of which total sugars (g))< 4< 13,6
Total Fat (g)< 0,5< 1,7
(of which saturated fats (g))< 0,4< 1,36
Dietary Fibre (g)00
Sodium (g)< 0,15< 0,51

100% Recyclable PET Bottle. Please recycle ♻︎


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